Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Messages 2017 *Awesome*

Happy Mother's day wishes

Happy Mother’s day wishes

Happy Mother’s day wishes: As we Know that the Mother’s Day 2017 is about to come. and people are searching for Mother’s day wishes, Mother’s day messages, mother’s day images, Top 25 Mother’s Day Quotes 2017, When is Mother’ day in 2017 and more. if You are looking for Happy Mother’s Day Wishes for your Mother then you are landed in the right place. we have collected some cool and awesome Mother’s Day wishes 2017 for you. you can copy paste or Directly Share these with your Mother. we also collected Mother’s day wishes in Hindi too.

Happy Mother’s day wishes

My Mother is So sweet

She is Gentle and Kind

and work by using her mind

My mother is charming

I Love you and Happy Mother’s day.

A Mother work is never Done

She work from morning until dawn

She spreads her Love

and keeps you warm

But only once a year we say

Mother, we wish you Happy Mother’s Day.

Throughout the year you will always be by my side

I could not have a better mother to look up to you.

Happy Mother’s Day mom!

Wishing you all the Love and Happiness you so richly deserve

Happy Mother’s day.

Happy Mother's day wishes

Happy Mother’s day wishes

Mommy, I may be too Little to know Much about the world,

But I already know my favorite place in it.

Right Next to you.

Happy Mother’s day Mom!

 Smiles of Happy Sunshine,

Touch of sweet rose,

There is magic in the air.

whenever you are there,

Mother, everything to you I owe,

May all pleasures of Life come your way.

Happy Mother’s Day.

You will see me laugh,

You will see me cry,

and always you were there for me,

I may not have always said it

But thanks and I Love you, Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes In Hindi

Upar Jiska Ant nahi use Asmaa kahte hai,

Jahan me Jiska Ant nahi use Maa Kahte Hai.

Mujhe Kisi Or Jannat ka Nahi pta,

because Hum Maa Ke Kadmon ko hi Jannat mante hai.

Manjil Dur or safar Bahut hai,

Choti si Jindgi ki fikar Bohot hai,

Maar dalti ye duniya Kabki Hume,

But Maa Ki wishes me Asar Bohot hai.

Happy Mother’s Day Wishes & Messages 2017 *Awesome*

Dear Mother, you are a:

M: Magnificient

O: Outstanding

T: Therapeutic

H: Hospitable

E: Efficient

R: Remarkable

Angel sent by God to alleviate the Sufferings of Mankind.

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